ReefEscapes | Newest Arrivals 9/20/16

Newest Arrivals 9/20/16

September 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Just arrived fish and other invertebrates! More coming later this week.  Additionally, a dry goods order just arrived as well.  Starting to stock up the new shop!!!


Dinosaur Senegalus Polypterus Med

Assorted Angels

Albino Socolofi Cichlids

Assorted Aulonocara Peacock Cichlids

Bumblebee Maylandia Ornatus Cichlids

Electric Blue Johanni Cichlids

Albino Flame Tail Zebra Cichlids

Kennyi Maylandia Lombardoi Cichlids

ivingstonii Cichlids

Venustus Cichlids

Albino Tiger Oscar M/S

Lemon Oscar M/S

Tiger Oscar Med

Feeder Comets

GloFish® Cosmic Blue® Danios

GloFish® Electric Green® Danios

GloFish® Galactic Purple® Danios

GloFish® Starfire Red® Danios

GloFish® Sunburst Orange® Danios

GloFish® Electric Green® Barbs

GloFish® Moonrise Pink® Tetras

GloFish® Sunburst Orange® Tetras

GloFish® Galactic Purple® Tetras

Glofish® Cosmic Blue® Tetras

Glofish® Starfire Red® Tetras

GloFish® Long-Fin Electric Green® Tetras

GloFish® Long-Fin Sunburst Orange® Tetras

Golden Wonder Killies

Albino Rainbow Sharks

Bala Sharks

Rainbow Sharks

Redtail Sharks


Atlantic Pygmy Angel

Coral Beauty Angel

Flame Angel

Black Sailfin Blenny

Lawn Mower Blenny

Starry Blenny

Green Mandarinfish

Scooter Blenny

Spotted Mandarin

Green Chromis

Snowflake Moray Eel

Bar Goby  

Engineer Goby

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish  

Foxface Sml

Blue Regal Hippo Tang Sml

Sailfin Tang

Yellow Eye Kole Tang Med

Yellow Tang Sml

Leopard Wrasse

Six Line Wrasse Sml

Pajama Cardinal Med

Longnose Hawkfish

Arrow Crabs

Emerald Crabs

Mexican Red Leg Hermit Crabs

Sally Lightfoot Crab  

Purple Reef Lobster  

Peppermint Shrimp

Astrea Turbo Snails Atlantic

Red Stripe Turbo Snails Bali

Pencil Sea Urchins Atlantic

Rose Pink Urchin

Sand Starfish  


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