ReefEscapes | Incoming Saltwater Today 3/25/16

Incoming Saltwater Today 3/25/16

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The following list of saltwater livestock will be arriving on Good Friday 3/25/16.  Please come check us out!  We will be open for normal business hours today and tomorrow!




Angels: Coral Beauty :: Eastern Asia


Angels: Flame Loriculus :: Central Pacific  


Angels: Half Black :: Eastern Asia


Blennies MAC Certified: Starry :: Philippines


Butterflies: Pakistan :: Eastern Asia


Butterflies: Pebbled :: Central Pacific


Clownfish Aquacultured: Cinnamon Naked :: East Americas


 Clownfish Aquacultured: Maroon Yellow Stripe :: Eastern Asia


Clownfish MAC Certified: Tomato, Barberi :: Fiji


Damsels: Azure :: Eastern Asia


Damsels: Bluefin :: Eastern Asia


Dottyback Aquacultured: Fridmani :: Africa / Red Sea


Dragonets: Mandarin Red :: Eastern Asia


Eels: Ghost :: Eastern Asia


Gobies: Jawfish Blue Dot :: West Americas


Gobies: Watchman Diamond :: South Asia


Hogs: Spanish :: East Americas


Rabbitfish: Foxface, One Spot :: Eastern Asia


Rabbitfish: Foxface, One Spot :: Eastern Asia


Tangs: White Cheek :: Eastern Asia


Tangs: Bristletooth, Tomini :: Eastern Asia


Tangs: Sailfin :: Eastern Asia


Tangs MAC Certified: Orange Shoulder Juvenile :: Fiji


36 Fish




Anemones: Tube, Orange :: Eastern Asia


Anemones: Bulb, Various Colors :: Eastern Asia


Anemones: Bulb, Rose :: Eastern Asia


Corals Soft: Cabbage, Green :: Eastern Asia


 Corals, LPS: Elegant, Pink/Purple Tip :: Australia


Corals, LPS Aquacultured: Ancora Hammer Metallic Green :: Eastern Asia


 Corals, SPS: Birdnest, Red/Pink w/Yellow Tips :: Central Pacific


 Corals, SPS Aqua Cultured: A. yongei Green " Green Slimer" :: Eastern Asia


 Featherdusters: Hawaiian Feather Duster :: Central Pacific


Mushroom: Mushroom Neon Green Bullseye :: Central Pacific


Nudibranchs: Lettuce :: East Americas


Polyps: Clove, Green :: Eastern Asia


Stars: Sand :: Eastern Asia


Stars: Orange Linckia :: South Asia


Stars: African Red Tip :: South Asia


24 Invertebrates







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