ReefEscapes | Incoming Fish and misc. 08/24/15

Incoming Fish and misc. 08/24/15

August 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The following livestock items will arrive today 08/24/15.  There is also a large dry goods order that should arrive today as well!

Clown Loaches Sml 
Koi Angels 
Assorted Color Parrot Cichlids
Blood Parrot Cichlids
Gold Severum Cichlids 
Tiger Oscars 
Feeder Comet Goldfish 
Balloon Lyretail Molly 
Assorted Balloon Molly 
Neon Tetras Lrg 
Green Chromis 
Zebra Turbo Snails Med 
Anacharis Plant Bunched
Assorted Angels Med 
Balloon Electric Blue Ram Cichlid
Mustard Gas Half Moon Betta Male Lrg 
Panda Angels  
Gold Neon Tetras Florida Med 
Assorted Neocaridina Dwarf Shrimp  
Metallic Green Flametail Guppies Male Med 
Threadfin Rainbows Med 
Balloon Gold Face Electric Blue Ram  
Dantum Angels 


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