ReefEscapes | Saltwater Order arrived on 07/09/15

Saltwater Order arrived on 07/09/15

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The following saltwater items arrived yesterday:


Angels:Coral Beauty :: Melanesia

Angels:Flame Loriculus :: Central Pacific

Blennies:Sailfin / Algae :: Eastern Asia

Cardinals:Red Stop Lite :: Eastern Asia

Clownfish:Percula True :: South Asia

Damsels:Sergeant Major :: Eastern Asia

Damsels:Chromis, Green :: Eastern Asia

Damsels:Yellowtail :: Eastern Asia

Damsels:Bluefin :: Eastern Asia

Dragonets:Mandarin Green :: Eastern Asia

Dragonets:Mandarin Red :: Eastern Asia

Gobies:Assorted Goby and Shrimp :: Eastern Asia

Gobies:Firefish Purple :: Eastern Asia

Tangs:Yellow Belly Hippo Juvenile :: South Asia

Tangs:Sailfin, Desjardinii :: South Asia

Tangs:Yellow :: Central Pacific


Anemones:Bulb :: Central Pacific

Anemones:Bulb, Rose :: Eastern Asia

Anemones:Rock Flower Red :: East Americas

LPS:Australis, Purple, Red & Mint "Scarlet

Warpaint" :: Australia / Coral Sea (Select)

Crabs:Emerald :: East Americas

Crabs:Sallylightfoot :: East Americas

Crabs, Hermit:Algae Rock, Blue Tiny :: East Americas

Featherdusters:Assorted :: South Asia

Featherdusters:Dwarf, Yellow :: Eastern Asia

 Shell, Aquacultured Clams:Maxima Blue/Turquoise 1st Grade :: Central Pacific

Shell, Snails:Margarite :: West Americas

Shell, Snails:Turbo :: West Americas

Shrimps:Peppermint :: East Americas

Shrimps:Coral Banded :: Eastern Asia

Stars:Serpent Sea Star :: East Americas


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