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New Drygoods Order On The Shelves!

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Aqueon 3lb. Tropical Flake Bucket

Purple Up (8 & 16oz.)

120lb. South Seas Base Rock

20lb. Bags African Cichlid Substrates (Lake sand, African Sahara sand)

20lb. Bags Live Sand (Bahama Oolite, Bimini Pink, Fiji Pink, Reef Sand, Carib Reef)

10lb Live Sand Bags (Bimini Pink, Bio Active Reef)

30lb. Bags Aragamax Sand

30lb. Bags Aragamax Select Sand

15lb. Bags Crushed Coral

Tetra Air Pumps, 10, 40, 100 models

Hikari Algae Wafers, few sizes

API FW Master Test Kits

Pond Algaefix 16 & 32oz.

Airstones (1", 2", 4", 6", 12")

Instant Ocean Salts (200gal boxes of Reef Crystals and Instant Ocean, 25gal Reef Crystals box,

36" Colormax T8 Bulbs

Deluxe Aquarium Kits (10gal, 20gal, 29gal, 55gal, 16gal bowfront, 26gal bowfront)

Sponge Filters (25gal, 40gal, 60gal, 75gal)

Kent Coral Accel

Kent Essential Elements

Kent Microvert

Kent Blackwater Expert

Cobalt Cichlid Flakes

Cobalt Tropical Color Flakes

Jager 125w Heaters

Aqueon Med Filter Cartridges

4"X12" Filter Bags

4" 200 micron Filter Socks

Firstbites baby

Flourite Black 15lb Planted Subtrates


Frozen Foods (Brine, Spirulina Brine, Bloodworms)

Coralife Digital Thermometers

Smart Temp Thermometers

Floating Thermometers

Mag Float Cleaners (Med and Lrg) Glass

Mag Float Replacement Blades

Hot Magnum Carbon Container

Freeze Dried Mysis Shrimp

New Life Spectrum Ultra Red Sinking

Fuel (150mL, 350mL)

Brine Shrimp Eggs

Smart Nets

Stress Zyme

Pond Foods (Flake, Color Pellet)

Tetra LRG Biobag Cartridges


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