ReefEscapes | Exotic Reef Imports Order is here! 05/29/15

Exotic Reef Imports Order is here! 05/29/15

May 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Here is a list of what just came through the door from Exotic Reef Imports.


Flurry Ocellaris Clownfish 

Coral Frenzy Foods

Clown Trigger

Emerald Crabs

Sally Lightfoot Crabs

Peppermint Shrimp

Mexican Turbo Snails

Red leg hermit crabs

Blue leg hermit crabs

Black Margarita Snails

Nassarius Snails Tonga

Ultra Zoanthids


Acro Frags

Electric Damsels

Honey Red Damsels

Kupang Damsels

Black and Gold Chromis 

Diamond Sleeper Goby

Harlequin Basslet

Bicolor Dottyback

Big Eye Red Squirrelfish 

Bicolor Goatfish 

Yellow Tang

Powder Brown Tang

Sixline Wrasse

Shark Egg

Blue Linkia Starfish 

Bubble Anemones

Red Trachy Open Brain

Cultured Monti Caps


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