ReefEscapes | About
Reef Escapes LLC. has been operating out of Jonesboro, Arkansas, since 2007. We are a science-based, educational, design and maintenance service for everything aquatic. We are fully capable of designing, maintaining, or stocking any fresh or saltwater display, pond, or aquaponic system. We are very proud of the living art displays that we design. With a strong science foundation, Reef Escapes is in the position to care for captive aquaria like no one else in Northeast Arkansas. The owner graduated from Arkansas State University with a Pre-Professional Bachelor of Science in Biology and has studied/cared for coral reef aquaria since 2001. Aquatic biologists and aquarists may help to restore the natural reef ecosystems by preserving what is already rapidly declining. Reef Escapes strives to be Eco-friendly with equipment selection and only buys captive raised reef life wherever possible.